The Mirror's Principle

The Mirror's Principle

Album artwork and visual design for With Heavy Hearts and their first album - The Mirror's Principle. The sound of the band comes from the Swedish Gothenburg vibes but with a twist. It's heavy, fast and melodical, everything you expect from Swedish Metal.


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With Heavy Hearts

With Heavy Hearts - The Mirror's Principle

Imagine looking in a mirror once, twice, one hundred times. Over time, we internalize an image of ourselves — and that image becomes part of our identity. The mirror principle says what we do defines who we are and how we experience ourselves. Whether you’re an abused young woman or a seasoned executive stuck in a mid-life crisis, your path to a new life begins by finding new mirrors.


Selected Works


EvolverSmash Into Pieces

Band MerchVarious

Bring Out BaneBring Out Bane

Rise and ShineSmash Into Pieces

WaitPresence of the Enemy

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