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Why I really like the poster for the Evil Dead remake

And I have to admit, I was very sceptical when I heard the news that one of my all time favorites was going to get a remake. I mean, how many remakes have outshined the original?

Anyway, after reading some news, listening to the directors and producers talk about it, saying it was going to be different, only using “the best parts” and doing something new and scary, I started to feel a bit better. They wouldn't attempt to recreate my beloved character Ash, which would have been impossible. No one can do Ash like Bruce Campbell did.

The Evil Dead remake poster

The official poster for Evil Dead (2013).

After seeing the first trailer I could understand what they meant. When I first caught a glimpse of the official poster I actually started to be pretty excited! The poster for me made a big statement, and I really liked it.

I’ve been a critic of movie posters for quite some time now. Maybe that’s why I jump a little bit of joy every time I see something that’s a bit different and that actually tells a story. Not just showing the face of the main character(s).

The poster for the Evil Dead remake is so simple, and yet so intriguing. It tells you a story. A scary one! They have really nailed the mysterious and creepy atmosphere. The use of colors, the awkward standing position of the wet and injured woman, the mysterious blurry background and the sense of being all alone with something... evil.

The poster lured me in, got me curious and made me change my mind. I’m now looking forward to the premiere and I hope the cast and crew of the movie can pull this one off, as much as the design team did for this poster.

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