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Learn branding from the band Demon Hunter

It’s not really a surprise when you think about it. The founders of the band (Don & Ryan Clark) are both super talented designers and have their own design studio (Invisible Creature) in Seattle.

Demon Hunter has released 6 albums since they started the band, all with one thing in common. The Demon Skull. Their symbol. Still, they manage to make every album artwork unique and differentiate from each other.

A thin red line

Illustration by Angryblue.

Illustration by Angryblue.

The majority of their merchandise is also branded in some ways with their skull. Not all, but most of it. What I also like is that they keep it simple and not overdoing things. Their design isn’t cluttered and they focus their print on a specific theme. Sometimes it’s playful, sometimes a bit more serious, but never too far from the core of the band.

Why? To help build their “brand”. Like any company or organisation they want their visual identity to be recognised. To be remembered. And what band doesn’t want to be remembered?

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