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Iron Darin

Last spring I was approached to be part of an incredibly fun project, namely to design a t-shirt for Swedish pop star Darin.

At first I was a little hesitant if it was really my thing, but when I heard that he wanted a design inspired by Iron Maiden, I was immediately very excited.

I started by analyzing a large amount of merchandise and artwork from Iron Maiden (and other bands from the 80's) whereupon I picked out the typical elements to include in my design, such as colors and the style of typography.

80's Heavy Metal look and feel

Darin logo comparison

I then began to explore how I could take Darin's current logo, make it feel like 80's metal. I didn't want to use the same font as Iron Maiden uses, only keep the atmosphere and feeling of it, so I designed mine from scratch. I tried to keep the foundation from Darins current logo while mixing some Iron Maiden feeling into it.

Playing with Fire

When I was feeling happy with the logo I started with the artwork. The concept was based upon the song "Playing with Fire" and I really wanted to mix the typical strong red, yellow and blue into the design. Letting Darin play with fire in a blue lightning sky seemed like an obvious choice.

In the end

Darin Iron Maiden t-shirt

I got great response for the design, but unfortunately due to unknown circumstances, the design wasn't used by the client.

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