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August 20, 2016 - No Comments!

Inspired by a stranger on a bus

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way down south for a meeting. Usually I go with the direct train straight to Gothenburg central station. This trip was a bit different. Due to maintenance work on the tracks I had to spend the last hour by bus. Hooray!

I took a seat next to the window, listening to some music and minding my own business. Just when the bus was about to take off, a woman appears and sits down next to me. She was carrying this weird looking instrument so I had to ask her what it was. She said it was an african instrument called N'goni and that she was on her way to play at a small festival out in the woods.

A short story shorter. We ended up talking the whole trip about everything from life, art and music to the spiritual world. Before I knew it we had arrived in Gothenburg. We get off the bus and say our goodbyes.

Later that week I spend quite some time listening to her music, and it was great. It didn't take me very long before I had a bunch of images floating around my head. Nature. A mythical world. Pure beauty. So I started visualising her music and making it into art. I call it Stranger.

It's funny how a normal "boring" bus ride can end up being both educational and inspiring.